Guedes’ plan to promote public actual property is facilitated by TCU determination – 08/11/2022 – Mercado

The TCU (Union Court docket of Accounts) plenary has approved the federal authorities to switch public Union property to a personal fund with out budgeting for this operation. The choice, taken unanimously by the ministers, facilitates the plan of Minister Paulo Guedes (Economics) to advertise the sale of those properties with out main restrictions. The … Read more

Damares sees break up and insinuates Arruda’s betrayal of Bolsonaro – 08/06/2022 – Poder

Former Minister of Ladies, Household and Human Rights mentioned Damares Alves Sheet who ran as a candidate for the Federal Senate to signify Bolsonarism within the Federal District within the face of a break up in the correct area. Two weeks in the past, a deal signed at Planalto Palace eliminated Damares from the platform … Read more

Bolsonaro brings 7 lawsuits in opposition to Lula for hate speech – 5/8/2022 – Poder

PL, the social gathering of President Jair Bolsonaro (PL), introduced the TSE (Increased Electoral Court docket) with seven lawsuits in opposition to former president Lula (PT) for early election propaganda. In trials, the president’s attorneys accuse PT of selling “hate speech” for calling the CEO “fascist”, “genocidal”, “repression” and “inhuman”. The social gathering calls for … Read more

Bolsonaro accepts a homophobic speech at an evangelical occasion – 7/13/2022 – Poder

President Jair Bolsonaro (PL) gave a speech on Wednesday night (13) filled with homophobic and transphobic phrases on the customs agenda in Imperatriz (MA), when he acquired a distinction at an evangelical occasion – a phase that’s his guess within the re-election marketing campaign. He defended that “JoĆ£ozinho or JoĆ£ozinho all life”, that “Mariazinha be … Read more