One Piece Spoiler 1056: the chapter previews

One Piece Spoiler 1056: the previews of the brand new chapter of the manga by Eiichiro Oda, revealed weekly in Weekly Shonen Bounce journal

One Piece Spoiler 1056

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Title: The Affiliation of the Cross

The title refers to a company created by Buggy that additionally contains Mihawk and Crocodile.

Buggy put a bounty on the marines’ heads.

Neko and Inuarashi need to keep in Wano, in order that they have determined that Carrot will rule the minks.

Shinobu is gorgeous once more due to an assault from Aramaki

On the finish of the chapter, we see Yamato standing on the roof of the fort.

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The place did we go away chapter 1055?

Chapter 1055: “New Period”.

This week’s Coloration Unfold is the “One Piece Movie Crimson” poster designed by Oda (that includes Luffy, Shanks and Uta).

The chapter begins within the Flower Capital. Nami, Tama and Zeus benefit from the celebration and the meals.

Outdoors town, Momonosuke is overwhelmed by Ryokugyuu. Yamato needs to assist him, however Momonosuke insists that he should keep out of the struggle.

Raizou makes use of his “Ninpo: Maki Maki noJutsu” approach to fireside a hearth assault at Ryokugyuu.

Ryokugyuu acts like he was harm by Raizou’s assault, however in actuality he’s joking. It makes use of the “Bokarin” (Fireproof Forest) approach and frees itself from flames.

Ryokugyuu: “You actually thought you have been in a position to defeat a Navy” admiral “by counting on that weak point!!!”

Ryokugyuu stabs Raizou’s physique with one of many branches and begins to suck up Raizou’s vitamins.

Kawamatsu tries to assist him, however regardless of what number of branches and roots you chop, they do not cease rising. Ultimately, Ryokugyuu additionally captures Denjirou, Kawamatsu, and Nekomamushi.

The scene shifts to Kouzuki Sukiyaki’s secret room. We see {that a} secret passage has been opened within the floor (which ends up in a protracted staircase). Sukiyaki and Robin go down the steps with Legislation.

Robin asks Legislation if he was in a position to observe her due to her fragrance. Legislation replies that she shouldn’t be a hyena.

Legislation could not discover Robin along with his nakama on the celebration, so he went in search of her.

Sukiyaki says she by no means informed Kaidou and Orochi about this passage. However since one of the vital distinguished members of Kaido’s crew was a Fish-Man (Jack), it did not take lengthy to search out the Poneglyph.

Robin asks why a Fishman would be capable to discover him. Sukiyaki replies that it is higher for them to see for themselves.

Sukiyaki begins to inform the story of Wanokuni, however Robin interrupts him when he sees a light-weight coming from a gap within the passage.

Robin asks what it’s, Sukiyaki tells her that she will go look, as a result of a glass is obstructing the water (since they’re now deep on the ocean ground).

Robin crawls by way of the opening, Legislation teleports along with her. They each look by way of the glass and see the ruins of an historical metropolis beneath the ocean.

Sukiyaki tells them that the ruins are none aside from the traditional Wano that existed round 800 years in the past. On account of an absence of sea water, the ruins have been preserved in good situation.

Sukiyaki explains what occurred to the outdated village of Wano (there are some comics that present us what occurred).

A very long time in the past, Wanokuni was a big nation (about 3 occasions bigger than immediately’s Wanokuni). It was situated on the foot of Mount Fuji, on the identical stage as the ocean.

So at a sure level in historical past, nice partitions have been constructed surrounding the island and town was locked down. Rainwater started to build up and flooded the whole nation.

Later, the rainwater reached the very best a part of the partitions and the water began falling from them creating the massive waterfalls (those that Luffy or the Pirates of Huge Mother needed to climb).

The individuals determined to go away the unique Wanokuni and constructed a brand new nation round Mount Fuji, the current Wano.

The group reaches the underside of the steps and Sukiyaki opens a secret door that offers entry to a big room the place the Street Poneglyph is situated. Robin says in the event that they discover one other, they will go to Snort Story.

Sukiyaki says that this room is on a excessive platform contained in the cave on the foot of Mount Fuji. And on the backside is the outdated Ancestral Weapon Pluton.

Nevertheless, Sukiyaki has by no means seen the weapon, so he can’t present Robin and Legislation the place it’s.

Sukiyaki: “To take ‘Pluto’ out, the partitions of Wanokuni have to be torn down!! In different phrases … “Opening the border” means destroying the protection partitions of this nation, and due to this fact means “unleashing the traditional weapon” !!! “

Robin wonders why Kouzuki Oden needed to do such a factor. Sukiyaki says she informed them all the pieces that was handed down within the Shogun’s household.

Sukiyaki: “I do not know what Oden found on his sea voyage…”

We return outdoors the Flower Capital. Ryokugyuu has captured the Crimson Sheaths and Yamato and tells them that they cannot do something towards Mom Nature.

Ryokugyuu says that if Kaidou had stayed within the nation, he would not have come. Kaidou’s reign is what saved enemies away from Wanokuni.

Ryokugyuu says to deliver him “Straw Hat Luffy”. When he takes the pinnacle, he’ll go away the nation.

Yamato tells Momonosuke that they need to ask Luffy and the others for assist, as they do not need to lose to a man like that.

Momonosuke (crying) says that he does not want Luffy or Yamato’s assist, so he tells Yamato to cease providing his assist.

Momonosuke: “You have been locked in Onigashima your entire life!! However now you’re free!!! And that is why I need you to go!! Luffy, Zoro and the others… I am unable to all the time depend in your assist!! We should be capable to defend ourselves towards all enemies… with the individuals of this nation!!! We can’t entrust it to those that are approx. to go away !! If we did… How might we defend the longer term nation?

Ryokugyuu mocks Momonosuke’s infantile angle, saying that he by no means thought a dragon might be so embarrassing.

In a second of desperation, Momonosuke manages to fireside a “Bolo Breath” that passes by way of Ryokugyu’s physique fabricated from bushes.

The purple sheaths and Yamato break away. Ryokugyuu appears to be like at Momonosuke, he cannot consider what occurred.

Yamato can’t consider that Momonosuke has mastered the dragon’s energy. Denjirou says that Momonosuke is not aiming very properly

Momonosuke fires one other “Bolo Breath” at Ryokugyuu, burning his physique. Nevertheless, a small plant grows behind Ryokugyuu’s burned physique, and Ryokugyuu grows from it once more.

Ryokugyuu transforms once more to proceed the struggle.

Ryokugyuu: ‘Ahhhh … Effectively, if that is the GAME you need to play … Effectively, you “Kaido Imitation” I’ll pierce you from mouth to tail !!! “

All of a sudden, black lightning may be seen within the distance. Ryokugyuu feels one thing paralyze him and screams.

Ryokugyuu: “Wahh ~~~~. !! Wait wait!! That is the King’s Haki !! Who the hell are you !! Factor!!? The Pirates of the Crimson!? And are they that shut!?”

The Pirates of the Crimson ship remains to be at sea close to Wanokuni. Among the members inform Shanks to cease or all of the newbies will cross out

Shanks: “I would not say you are despicable!! However a Marine focusing on the ‘new recruits’ who simply modified pirate historical past…I believe it is gross.”

As Shanks says this, we will see a few of his recollections with Luffy (when Luffy cuts his face), Momonosuke (as a baby with Oden), Hiyori (at his start)…and we additionally see a silhouette that appears to be Uta (the character from “One Piece Movie Crimson” who’s the daughter of Shanks).

Lastly, we see a close-up cartoon of Shanks. He’s very offended.

Shanks: “Are you that afraid of the upcoming ‘New Period’?!?”

Ryokugyuu reverts to his regular kind and says he has no plans to struggle Shanks and his crew. At the least not now. He decides to go.

Yamato celebrates with Momonosuke and the Crimson Sheaths. Momonosuke cries with pleasure.

Within the flower capital, we see that Brook, Usopp, Chopper and Franky are nonetheless partying with Hiyori and Toko.

Outdoors town, we see Luffy sitting with Zoro, Sanji and Jinbe.

Luffy: “He is gone!! Shishishi!!”

Sanji: “Seems to be like they did not want our assist.”

Zoro: “Momo, I am impressed…”

Jinbe: “However that Haki was spectacular.”

Luffy: “I do know!! Who was it …? “

On the finish of the chapter, Luffy is smiling as we see the Pirates of the Crimson ship leaving the Wanokuni Sea.

Luffy: “One way or the other a well-recognized face popped into my head.”

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